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Who We Are


At an early age, I was introduced to the world of paranormal, by opening my closet door at the young age of 5, and seeing two faces of an elderly couple floating towards the ceiling. I also sensed that I was being watched at times, and I could tell when it was a good feeling, or bad. I learned to cope with this, with a dear aunt, who also had experience with the paranormal.
I taught Space Science in a local high school, assisted by N.A.S.A(National Aeronautics & Space Administration),was an Executive producer for a TV show called "On Call" with the cable company. I also was Executive producer for two live telethons for the victims of a hurricane disaster in California. I also had experience in the editing of certain programs for cable TV as well. I became a Private Detective for several years, and also worked in the evidence department of Old Bridge Police.
I am a certified Paranormal Investigator and certified Ghost Hunter. I have had years of experience in this field, and continue to find evidence of life after death.

Boni Bates
Lisa Long

I have been searching for answers in the paranormal field for 23 years now. I started out investigating old abandoned houses and farms but never thought to bring a recorder with me. However I did bring a camera most of the time.

I had small groups that tagged along with me and they called me, "The ghost hunter in the green Camaro".

It was 23 years ago when I shot a picture of my favorite abandoned farm house and when the film was developed, to my surprise, were four male apparitions posing in the picture through the openings of the front of the house where there was once a front door and southern style windows on each side.

They were all American Indians dressed in Jeans and T-Shirts. I love American Indian’s so you can imagine how important this picture was to me. It was my pride and joy but unfortunately I lost it in the shuffle of growing up and having big time spring and fall intense cleanings of my bedroom and closet, organizing, etc... I am searching for that perfect picture again so I can prove to others there is life after death. It's so wonderful to be a member of GSGH! They are a group of really awesome people.

Keri Bates


I started ghost hunting when I was at a young age, with my mother. I have seen things paranormal, and became curious. So I investigate, to prove life does exist after death. I don't believe in demanding that a ghost appear by taunting them. I feel that they were once human too, and deserve our respect as if they were still here. And believe it or not, when I ask if I can take their picture, I get more results. 
Just remember.....who ya gonna call?

Wehttam Bates

I have never experienced the paranormal, but I became interested in my wife's investigations, and I came along with her. I must say, there are some interesting investigations that have intrigued me, so I continue to help her find answers to her quest.

Jeff Long

My first experience happened when I was about 16 years old. My siblings were discussing sightings of a lady in white in our hallway as well as smelling pipe smoke flowing through the house. I never believed them until I experienced it myself one day. After that I wanted to learn more about what it was that I saw. I am starved for knowledge about what is out there after we depart this earth. My goal is to learn as much as possible about the after life and am also considering the study of demonology. After attending a ghost hunt with GSGH, and watched their knowledge and professionalism in action, I knew that they were the group that would help in furthering my knowledge in this field and hopefully experience more paranormal anomalies in the future. It's an honor to be a member of GSGH

Justin Louis


Justin considers himself an "open minded skeptic". While he's been interested in the paranormal and has loved big old buildings since he was young, he's never really had any paranormal experiences himself and looks at his membership in GSGH as his search for the truth. When he's not with the team listening for things that go "bump" in the night, you can hear Justin weekdays from 4-8pm on 92.7 WOBM. ( WOBM is based in Southeastern New Jersey, USA)

Tim Bozarth

It took a close encounter with the Paranormal, about seven years ago, to turn me from a non-believer to a somewhat believer. I know what I saw and I believe what I saw, but I am not satisfied with that and I have been searching for more answers ever since. I am skeptical of 90% of all paranormal evidence out there, and that is why I am here to collect my own.

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