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White Hills Mansion Oct. 24, 2009

White Hill Mansion
October 24, 2009
Stormy weather, lots of down pours.
Temps were 50 degrees
Humidity 82%

In 1682 Thomas Farnsworth, a Quaker, brought his family to settle on the bluff overlooking the Delaware River. About this time, King James II granted White Hill Plantation, known as Fieldsboro to Robert Field. Robert Field resided in the home with his wife Mary Field.

In a later century the community name was changed to Fieldsboro. Of the numerous incidents of the Revolutionary War at White Hill, none was so devastating as the burning of the ships.
The community set the ships a blaze to keep the British from coming in for a full attack. The British sailed on to destroy the rest of the homes of Bordentown. Fieldsboro was devastated. The Field Mansion on the summit of White Hill was spared. The Field Family inhabited the estate for many generations to come. It then became the home of Richard and Annis Boudinot Stockton. Richard was one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Impendence.

White Hill's last inhabitants ran it as a restaurant/motel and the doors were finally closed about 1999.

From underground tunnels to endless staircases, this historic estate is quite amazing.

Our team members Kristine and Devon had an experience on the third floor in a room that had no lighting hooked up to the ceiling fixture. Devon was using the thermal Imaging camera and spotted the bottom part of an apparition that showed just the legs of a little girl dancing like a Ballerina. Kristine sensed something the same time this happened. The ceiling light located to the right and above where this apparition showed up dancing displayed hot on the imager. The only thing was, the light fixture was not hooked up to any wires and the wires that were hanging next to the light were dead. The wires were burnt to a melted clump on the edges. We have no explanation for the heat source that showed up on the imager. To the touch, the bulb was cold. When the Ballerina disappeared, so did the hot spot of the light bulb.

Our team leader Boni ,had a lot of activity with a young woman. A woman that took a liking to Boni ,and two of our team members Katerina and Justin. Barometric Pressure dropped in a room where Boni, Kat and Justin were investigating. A member felt the name might be , Katherine. (Later, research showed that Katherine was the mother to Annis Stockton, who once lived there) She seemed to have gone through Justin as he felt very cold ,and he saw his breath . Justin was a little shocked by it but was ok. The K2 meter responded when Boni would ask questions. It seems Justin reminded Katherine, of her child whom she was looking for when asked.. Katherine has a sense of humor. Justin got spooked and the three of them started laughing and the K2 meter went fully charged and all lights lit up.. Justin got cold every time Boni would ask her to give him a hug. Wherever Boni would ask her to touch on Justin, the thermal imager would show a cold spot on that location of his body. She did not want to tell her age. Boni asked Katherine if she saw the white light. Katherine responded. Boni wanted to try to help Katherine cross over, but wasn't sure if this took place.. . . They are anxious to visit her again as well as the members that didn't have the wonderful opportunity to experience this exciting bond with such a wonderful spirit..

The basement was the most active. On the right side was an old bar area. The left side was more like a basement type setting, besides the walk in wine room and a stall bathroom. There was a flight of steps that entered the kitchen, one a many flights of steps that are never ending in this spectacular estate.

Kristine was told there are numerous tunnels that go from the basement of the estate down to the Delaware River. She spotted one of them but was not able to access it.

All night many of our digital cameras, video cameras, and other investigation devices went dead at one point or another. Each time our devices would all go back on within a minute or two.

Team member,Kat, had camera malfunctions where the camera was doing all kinds of crazy things that just didn't make sense to any of us. It seemed to have a mind of it's own as it switched settings all by itself.

Jeff was on the left side of the basement near the walk in wine room and his video camera went dead. After it shut off his K2 meter spiked in a crazy manner for about 5 seconds. He turned the video camera back on in about a minute and it showed full charge and didn't malfunction for the rest of the night.

Devon and Wehttam investigated the back bar wall. There was a hot spot on the wall, next to the bar. Wehttam ran his hands down the whole wall area and the temperature was consistent. They could not find an explanation for the hot spot.



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