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Undisclosed location Jan. 24, 2009

The location is being with held due to client privilege.

Team members present; Boni Bates, Katerina bates, Keri-Bo Bates, Tom Bates, Dave Goldstein, Ron Poulin , Daria Decicco, Jeff and Lisa Long.

Robert Reid and Boni Bates were lead investigators on this investigation. Dave Goldstein was tech. manager.

The evening started off as normal with the crew setting up the equipment and cameras in specified areas around the building. In use were six (6) IR cameras, both wireless and hard-wired. There were also several IR hand cameras in use for documentation of the investigation.

All investigators were briefed and the night began, Ronnie Poulin had a physical experience in "section A" of the building, he was struck in the hand with a pencil with no logical reason for the pencil to be air born. Also in that same area later in the evening there were documented EMF fields on the Mel meter, they went as high as 10.5 mg, there was also noted Temp. rise on the meter to an astounding 110 deg. F.

Section "A" is considered to be a very active area and will be investigated in the near future, in Section "B", Boni Bates , Rob Reid and Dave Goldstein had come across what is believed to be a FULL BODY apparition, see below to view the video of this amazing capture. In viewing you will notice the shape of the anomaly, also notice the movement as well as the cold signature shadow it reflects to the wall. This was very amazing as you can here in Rob Reid's voice. This area has also been noted to have a high EMF field due to the electrical piping running down the hall, this may be a contributing factor as to how the apparition was able to manifest, this is just a theory and open to other causes too.

In section "C" there was noted whispering sounds documented by Ron Poulin, Katerina and Keri bates. The whispers were said to sound like that of a man. 

Section "B" later in the evening, it was noted by Daria, Jeff and Lisa that there was an odd and foul smell reported in the area that earlier the apparition was caught on film. Several of the members were taken back by the odor and became nauseous.

Later in section "C", Keri- Bo felt a very heavy presence and she reported feeling short of breath, this area was also noted to be draining the batteries of members’ equipment.

GSGHS conclusion of this investigation: This Building yielded many amazing and intriguing finds, some of which we could not explain. Due to the drastic findings, not solely just based on the apparition but on the whole evenings events, GSGHS has deemed this building to have an intelligent haunt and will be investigated in the near future to further look into the findings, stay tuned.

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