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Burlington County Prison Mt. Holly, NJ April 19, 2008 

Once again GSGHS had the opportunity to investigate this great historic building, making this our seventh visit. Upon arriving to the prison we set up our equipment with the typical monitor bank and teams were dispatched around the prison. Once again many personal experiences were noted by most of the investigators present. There were strange lights observed by several team members in the lower level of the prison. They were not from passing cars or flashlights. The night seemed to fly by as we packed up our equipment and once again agreed that this location is haunted by the findings we keep coming up with at this notorious location. GSGHS also for the third time was able to locate and follow a traveling EMF field in the YARD near the gallows that seemed to walk back and forth not bothered by our presence. Which we decided it was a residual energy since it repeated it self on several visits. We also captured a couple of EVP'S. 

The EVP'S you are about to listen to were some of the best GSGHS has captured at the Prison. One of the very best EVP'S we have captured was recorded on this night in the lowest level of the prison. The spirit says plain as day " POT ROAST". This EVP was heard by three members as well as recorded on three different devices. The voice was heard directly by Rob Reid, Jeff H. and Lynda (guest). The voice was clear and direct. The voice emanated from the area of the old kitchen. The other EVP's are good ones as well some are clearer then others but they rate at the top. Most of the EVP'S were captured on at least two devices. Enjoy the EVP'S and let us know your thoughts. 

GSGHS would also like to mention that we recently started using WAVE PAD to analyze our audio files. This is great software and very user friendly and GSGHS recommends it HIGHLY. Since using this software we have been able to review old material and gather what was thought to be clean audio. So try the free download version today.

EVP'S were captured by Gary Franta and Jeff H.

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