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Bolton Mansion May 17, 2009

Arrival time: 6 PM
Temp. 72.1 F
Wind: WSW @ 5 mph
Humidity: 47%
Dew Point:51 F
Pressure: 29.47 "
Moon Phase: -93

This was GSGHS second visit to this Hill Top Mansion. We knew from our previous investigation that there was some type of activity but could not conclude on the data collected previous. GSGHS was full staffed for this investigation. We did our base readings on EMF and Temp. The monitor station was assembled and cameras were placed in certain areas of interest. On this night we had a guest who resides at the mansion, her insight into the events and noises would be of great help to the team since she knows of the typical settling and basic sounds about the mansion and neighborhood.

The teams were sent to their locations to investigate for the first hour, Rob Reid, Boni Bates, Bryan and the guest situated themselves in the far back room where most of the cooking was done in the past. They started off doing EVP work and then started to utilize the K 2 EMF meter. We were actually able to make CONTACT with an entity using the K 2 meter. Using the K 2 meter we asked questions and stated that "if you can make the lights blink, that means yes and if they do not blink that is a no". The entity responded quite well, much to their amazement, there was a bit of excitement as the k2 blinked when certain question were asked, what we determined using the K 2 in this room was that we were in contact with a female, she thought it was the 1790's, she also acknowledged the residents cat's. This entity also responded to a request to bang on the wall at one point, after about an hour the energy faded.

Across the mansion on the same floor Ron P., Bob (mansion escort) and Gary F were in the Old dining room area doing EVP work and EMF sweeps. They were able to catch a few EVP'S in that area.

Ron P. and Bob also felt a cold spot in the corner of the room but no other collaborating evidence was acquired. Gary F heard some footsteps from the room above as well, no one was found to be on that floor at the time.

After the first hour GSGHS moved all investigators from the building as well as our escort and our guest resident. We decided to let the house go quite for an hour. We placed digital recorders in certain pre-determined areas of the mansion. No one was allowed near the building as the team stood guard on the premises. During this period there were some strange noises observed on the recorders as well as a few team members witnessed what appeared to be shadows moving about inside. After the hour the team reentered the mansion to start investigating once more.

This was to be the last hour of the evening, during this time the team had multiple experiences. Boni was pushed twice, Bryan was touched and our guest experienced cold breezes. A team went to the back room once again with the K 2 meters, what they found was astonishing, in fact CLICK HERE to see a short video clip of the K 2 meter responding to Tina's questioning. We also caught an EVP during this EMF cycle. It was established that we were communicating with two children, they were hiding in the grand fireplace. There were no electrical fields that would have interfered or caused the EMF anomalies. They were hiding from a male that was mean is what the team had determined in questioning and using the K 2 meter to establish these findings. This whole session was caught on video and will be able to be seen in its entirety at the BOLTON Mansion in October. Be sure to attend this fundraiser and investigate with us. For more info please Email Us . Be sure to keep an eye out for our new event's page coming soon.

The final conclusion made by GSGHS was for the Bolton Mansion to be haunted both residual and intelligent. We are 100% sure of this and usually do not designate a dwelling haunted unless we have proof positive evidence, in which this evening we DID. Between the EVP'S and the responding EMF fields using the K 2 meter and investigators reports we stand behind these findings. Please be sure to listen to the EVP'S and watch the video clip and you decide, is the Mansion Haunted?

When listening to the EVP 's please use headphones. The first EVP you will hear Rob R. ask "are you hiding in here?" and 5 seconds later you here plain as day "YES"!

The second EVP is when the mansion was empty and we were all out side you will hear the side door slam, note the bells sound. There were bells hanging on the door, this was in the middle of the quite time. it was not heard or noticed outside.

The third EVP was Tina asking "do you want to be friends with me?" and you can faintly hear a whisper of "yes".

The fourth EVP seems to sound like some kind of a string instrument in the background.

The fifth EVP is from the third floor at the end you will hear a faint voice say "careful".


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