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Fort Mifflin Philadelphia, PA - May 10 2008

This was GSGHS third attempt at investigating this giant fort. Just entering the fort one is consumed by its size and demeanor. This fort has a bloody past that spans both the Revolutionary war and the civil war. The British bombarded the compound for days killing many and injuring most. During the civil war the fort was used as a prison of sorts. They jammed the prisoners inside the casemates as tight as they could pack them. The fort boasts many types of tours and is highly recommended if you are into history.

The night was starlit as we entered the fort, a perfect night for research. We were a bit disappointed upon arrival as we found out that the fort had been double booked on us without any type of notice. We had to share the facility with another group with no discount provided. So PLEASE check with the Faculty of the Fort to make sure this does not happen to you. 


Due to the size of the fort we were only using battery-operated equipment. To which we were able to capture some great EVP'S on this night. We heard a range of different voices from women singing to mumbling and direct communication with our team. We will not go into explanation of all the EVP'S. So please listen closely and you will hear voices from the other side. Once again the EVP'S were captured on at least two different audio devices. 


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