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Warehouse in Burlington, NJ March, 6 2009

Warehouse in Burlington NJ
June 6, 2009
Weather, hot and humid with clear skies

This warehouse has a previous history of mafia inhabiting the building.

A female apparition was following our Leader, Boni, around the whole night.

In an upper office our leader and an associate heard an inhuman growl that did not show up on the recorders.

K2 meters went off throughout the building.

Many of the investigators felt like they were being watched from behind.

A back door alarm sounded a warning alarm a few times when nobody was near the area for no apparent reason.

One investigator has a buzzing sound in her one ear. The investigator's partner made sure it was not a bug of some sort while it was happening.

It was a very eerie building with many areas that you got the feeling you were not wanted there.

It's a place where you just had to be there to experience what lurks behind you.

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