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Investigators present-

Ron Poulin, Robert Green.

The house has documented activity by the homeowners as well as from visiting relatives and visitors. The family contacted GSGHS last year and this was our second visit to this location. The first investigation yielded several positive EVP's, which are to be posted very soon. During this second visit the whole house was covered using five (5) IR cameras to DVR as well as thermal imaging to DVR.

The investigators did do EMF sweeps as well as temp sweep of the home. There were a few anomalies reported in the EMF readings and they were deemed to be not of an electrical device, but they soon faded after being discovered.

The team took many audio samples throughout the night and they are currently being reviewed as well as the DVR footage is being reviewed. After all the material is reviewed the homeowner will be notified of any findings and a report will be submitted to them. If permission is given we will further elaborate on this investigation. Be sure to check back soon. 

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