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Undisclosed Location Gettysburg, PA

Date: May 13, 2011
Start Time: 7:30 PM
End Time: 1:00 AM
Location: Private Residence in Gettysburg, PA

Lunar Conditions
Moon Phase First Quarter
Solar X-rays (Normal)
Geomagnetic Field (Quiet)
General Conditions: Warm, humid, thunder storms threw out the night.

It all began when the new owner of the Gettysburg Farm, contacted our leader Boni to discuss strange occurances that have been happening since he and his family purchased the estate.  They had a meeting where the owner showed her pictures with paramormal findings and presented his story to Bo.   One account was how he laid out a clean towel on the stove.  He turned around to get something and when he turned back to grab it, it was dirty and crumpled up.  He also reported how he sees a white beam of light on the side of the barn from time to time that resembles a white lazer beam of light.  There is nothing on the property or ajacent properties to cause such a light.  His family is the proud owner of a retired Military Police Dog.  This dog has no fear what so ever.  For some reason she will not go into the basement.  She will follow him everywhere but refuses to enter the basement.  Another account was from his son, who heard footsteps on the first floor while he was upstairs trying to sleep in one of the bedrooms.  There was nobody else in the house at the time.  
We began documentation on Friday May 13th when team member Devon reported to the farm to begin setting up for the following night's investigation.  She got aquainted with the family as they sat and discussed the history of the estate.  All was quiet for some time.  A few things happened later on in the night.  The K2 meter was quiet until they reached the basement.  After about 15 minutes, the K2 meter was responding to questions Devon was asking.  Other than that it was a very quiet night.
Saturday May 14th the rest of the gang arrived.  Bo, Wehttam, Katerina, Keri-Bo, Jay, Justin, Jeff and Lisa.  Bo immediately felt pain, dispair and much sorrow.  We all saw it in her face while getting out of our cars.  Seeing this reminded us all of how we can't even imagine how tragic this war was for so many and how extremely sad it was.  
We were welcomed in by the family and met with Devon to get a quick review on what went on through the night.  
While sitting in the living room that was hooked on to the room they call, "The Ampute Room",  we sat and listened to the owner and their experiences with the farm.  They were so interesting.  They shared a load of History with us and then gave us a tour of the farmhouse.  In the downstairs hallway we gathered around a curio cabinet that had artifacts lined on the shelves.  From surgical tools, to bullets, we were amazed as they passed them around to each and every one of us.  Old pictures hang on the walls of the previous owners.  I remember while taking the tour I whispered to Jeff, "This is going to be the best Bed and Breakfast stay we will ever have. 
We then took a tour of the town, visited the Battlefield,  Cemetery Hill, Little Round Top, Culp's Hill and the surrounding areas.  We then headed back to the estate.
The owners are so down to earth and have such great hospitality.  They cooked a wonderful dinner for us and we all sat and chatted and ate until we couldn't eat any more.  It was not hard to immediately bond with both of them.
We then regrouped in the living room again to get our positions set.  While getting ready, Bo said, "Hi there, how are you."  "Would you like to come sit on my lap."  The K2 meters were laying on the couch with Bo and were on as everyone put their nickels in the slots so they stay in the on position.  They were not going off at all.  While Bo started communicating they started going off left and right.  Bo is talking to a little girl.  This was amazing and also very exciting for all of us.  When the tape recorders were reviewed, there was a little girl laughing when we would crack a joke.  And, when Bo asked her if she wanted to sit on her lap, she said, "Yes".  There was two other times on the recorder where she was actually humming a tune.
Jeff and I were in the attic during a thunder and lightening storm.  We were hoping to pick up some activity but nothing showed up.  Devon and the owner was in the basement at the time and the K2 meter was once again responding to questions Devon was asking.  The little girl in the living room came and went more than a few times when Bo and Katerina were in there.  Everywhere else seemed a bit quiet at the time.
The group switched positions and Devon and the owner were in the attic.  After about a half hour of questioning, Devon was touched on the shoulder.  She was sitting 6 feet from the owner and there was nothing hanging from the attic ceiling.  
Throughout  the rest of the night there were little things here and there, a few EVP's for most of us and the K2 meters were medium active.  It was time for bed for most of us and that is when things really started to happen.
Katerina was in bed getting ready to shut her eyes when she saw a shadow of a man walk past the bottom of her bed.  She described this shadow as looking like a soldier in uniform.
Jeff and I had a few, "Yes", answers from questions in the bedroom where Jeff stayed.  But the real activity went down where Justin, Devon and I positioned ourselves.
Justin was sleeping on a day bed in the Amputee Room.  Devon and I were a few feet away in the adjoining living room where we had lots of activity from the little girl.  Around 5 am Justin was startled from a sound sleep but had no idea what could have happened.  He figured it was just a dream.  But that will prove wrong a few hours later when we reviewed all the evidence.
The Amputee Room's video camera picked up an aparition of a man walking right passed the camera to the entrance door. 
There was  a purple light of some sort that formed over Justin earlier that evening before he retired for a few hours of sleep.  It travels down, outlines the end of the day bed, goes up, comes back down into the living room and outlines Bo who is sitting there on the end of the sofa.  
Later that evening the tape views something forming half way up the wall behind the day bed where Justin thinks he had a nightmare.  It seems as though it is looking down at Justin.  He then becomes restless tossing and turning on the bed.  In the far corner of the camera that picks up the hallway, there is also something forming in the doorway.  Perhaps this was a doctor and a nurse checking in on patients?
The outside scout camera went off a few times twice through the entire night.  In the series of pics you see a white fog that actually moves by the Monfort Carriage with each camera shot.  Note, the camera did not go off one time during the pretty intense storm that rolled through with active lightening, thunder and a pretty bad down pour of rain that lasted a good half hour.
We also picked up a good amount of EVP's from our recorders. 

It was a privelage for Garden State Ghost Hunters to do this investigation. The owners were wonderful down to earth people who we now call friends.  It will be a pleasure meeting them again in the future.  We are pleased to announce that their son has become a member of our team.  

We have come to the conclusion that this Gettysburg Farm is haunted and is very active.  We were invited back for furture investigations.  Stay tuned for our next visit.

Please see below to review our evidence captured.

Click Here to review our findings.



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