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Absecon Light House Sept., 26 2009

Absecon Lighthouse, Atlantic City, NJ

The Absecon Light House is one of the oldest lighthouses in the country. At the top of the lighthouse you will encounter the first ordered Fresnel Lens. The first lighting of this spectacular lens was in 1857. The lighthouse still uses it to this day.

For a complete history of the Absecon Lighthouse, Click Here.

Our investigation included, the lighthouse, the original oil house, and the main house that contains a museum, gift shop, office areas and the attic.

Date: September 26, 2009

The weather was windy with drizzle and light rain throughout the investigation.

The lighthouse had activity throughout the night with our investigators spotting shadow apparitions along the walls of the 228 steps that climb this magnificent keeper of the night. Nothing showed up visual on digital cameras or video.

While two of our investigators had an unexplainable occurrence of the door opening and shutting on it's own while investigating inside the small historical oil building. It happened twice while they were in there. Both times the door was checked very carefully to make sure it was closed tight. With the 4 other groups of investigators that went in to take their turn investigating had no occurrence with the door opening and shutting the rest of the night.

We have a few EVP's that are being held at this time for further observation to make sure they are true EVP's. At the time of completion, if they are true and genuinely cannot be explained, they will be added to this investigation file for future listening.

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