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Private Residence in Warminster, PA May 22, 2010

Date: May 22, 2010
Start Time: 7:30 PM
End Time: 11:00 PM
Location: Private Residence in Warminster PA

Lunar Conditions
Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous 71% Full
Solar X-rays (Normal)
Geomagnetic Field (Quiet)
General Conditions: Warm, cloudy, misty later on at night.

Sunrise: 5:39 am
Sunset: 8:15 pm
Moonrise: 2:43 pm
Moonset: 2:10 am

Attending Party Of GSGHS

Founder and lead investigator: Boni 
Technician: Wettham 
Investigators: Tina, Pat, Justin, Devon, Jeff and Lisa

Upon arrival at this beautiful home nestled in a historical area of Warminster PA, we were greeted by a very nice couple who welcomed us into their home. After meeting their adorable grandson and two cute Pomeranians, we all sat down and listened to the experiences they wanted to share with us.

They went on to discuss a spirit presence, male, who wanders from the babies room, to the hall, to the room across from the babies room and also down into the living room. The man of the house saw a full body apparition of this male presence one night. He glanced up the steps and there stood a tall man in 70's attire looking right down at him. The apparition quickly disappeared heading in the direction of the babies room. He also talked about having the feeling of a presence near him at times. When he turns, no one is there. Noises come from upstairs while they are downstairs often.

The woman of the house said that one night the noise was so noticeable she grabbed her gun and proceeded to walk upstairs thinking she would bang into an intruder, but after a thorough checking of the upstairs, no one was there.

She feels and hears a presence roaming around the house as well.

Her grandson laughs and points at the air as if he is laughing and communicating with someone when there is no one there.

Through the baby monitor, they both hear very odd things going on in the bedroom. When they would go to check, the baby would be sound asleep and undisturbed. One night when it became chilly, the baby started crying so the woman of the house ran to tuck him in his blankets. When she arrived, the baby was already tucked in nice and neat on each side with precision. Another time she went into the room to check on the baby and there was a mist hovering over the crib. This mist was no where else in the room, just right over the baby. 
Both owners have seen many shadows passing by them.
They talked about the previous owner that had an accident while doing yard work and died on the property from this accident.
There are shadows that run back and forth in the yard from the lawn to the older shed that resides on the side of the driveway. The shadow was even spotted in pure daylight.

The owners, grandson, and their two dogs packed up and left so complete silence was given to the home for the investigation.
All equipment is set up throughout the house.
The investigation Begins:

Pat and Tina are stationed in the Babies Room:
It did not take too long for Pat and Tina to feel a presence in this room. They began asking questions to try to get some kind of response. Tina begins to feel cold spots in the room. As soon as she felt this, Pat saw a floating black shadow that formed in the corner of the room infront of the closet. It went across the floor; it stationed itself to the door knob of the closet door, went down in front of a big bouncy ball in that same corner and then went under the crib. Tina got a headache when she asked if someone was in the room with them. Tina saw the black shadow at the bouncy ball. Tina felt two cold spots in the room.
Pat got a very weird feeling and was uncomfortable.

Boni, Justin and Devon were stationed in the living room. Boni got touched. The presence got so close to her she told it to go away. She did not have a good feeling from it.

Jeff and Lisa were in the basement. Although the owners said they never felt anything down there, Jeff and Lisa found that there was indeed something down there. They went down and sat down on the two couches that were there. Set the K2 meter in front of them and hit record on the recorders. Within 2 minutes Jeff had to ask Wettham something and ran upstairs real quick. When Jeff came down and sat back down on the couch, the recorder picked up an EVP which appears to be a male spirit saying, "Get off of there." Lisa sensed a very strong presence that made her very uneasy and made her want to get up and run upstairs. 

The Switch:
The groups moved to different rooms for the next shift.
Boni, Justin and Devon went to the child's bedroom. After a few minutes Boni felt a soft touch on her shoulder.
When the questions began, Justin had an overwhelming feeling of coldness and his body filled with goose bumps. Boni saw a ball of light travel from one side of the room over to above the baby crib. They moved into the hall, to the room across the hall, and then back again. There were cold spots in the hallway.
There were a few evp's caught on the recorder from this group's investigation. Boni asks, "Did you live in this house." There is a breath noise in response.
Boni says, "Can you make the mist form over the baby crib for me." "Take my energy." Right after that Justin says, "Shhh". "Did you hear that?" Right after Justin says that, there is a noise of wind.

Devon saw three hand prints on Justin's shirt through the thermal camera, the tape malfunctioned and the evidence was lost.
Towards the end of their investigation in the babies room Devon asks if Boni's hand is cold. Before Devon could finish, Boni says, "Wo wo wo". Something white just whooshed by me. Boni feels cold with goose bumps. She explains the white image to be adult height and white in color. Then right after that you hear another breath on the recorder.
Boni, Justin and Devon leave the room to meet in the kitchen to discuss the experiences. When leaving Boni says, "I hope we catch something on the recorder." Another breath shows up on the recorder in response.

One recorder was stationed in the babies room. Shortly after they leave the room to go downstairs, one minute and two seconds later, there is an EVP of a man saying something but it is not clear to what he is saying. Until further investigation this EVP is pending.

Last shift:
Jeff and Lisa enters the babies room. They stayed in silence for a few minutes to clear the air. Jeff feels a light touch on his shoulder and felt as if someone pulled his shirt back and let go. Justin enters the room. After a few minutes Justin feels cold again. 
Lisa asks if the presence died in the house, an evp immediately answers, "Yes"
Lisa asks if the presence can see them, an evp immediately answers, "Yes", in a mans voice. 
EVP's will be collected and placed on our website shortly after further examination.. 

It is our opinion that this house is haunted by a male spirit who cares about this family, especially the child in the house. There is no sign of danger or malice intent from this spirit.

A follow up investigation will be done at this house shortly. Stay tuned.

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